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California Cell Phone Law

There is a typical scenario that I tend to hear over and over. Someone has their phone on their lap or the seat next to them while driving. All of a sudden, it buzzes. Most of us, these days, treat our phones like an additional appendage, so when it buzzes, we instinctively pick it up to read the message. Why wouldn’t we? It could be extremely important, it could be life or death…but usually it’s just a message from your son or daughter saying something like, “mom we are out of toilet paper.” So then, of course, we respond by text message or pick up the phone and call back. Then, you look to your left as you hit the dial button, and low and behold there is a cop right there. And, he is staring at YOU! So, you scream, throw the phone, and curse when you realize, yep, he’s motioning for you to pull over.

Shawn D. Mowry

Red Light Camera Foul in Daly City

The Daly City Police Department has requested the dismissal of some red light camera citations for violations of VC 21453(a) and VC 21453(c) issued between August 1, 2015 and November 19, 2015 due to a violation of minimum yellow light intervals at the approach on eastbound John Daly Blvd at Sheffield Drive. In addition to requesting dismissals, the San Mateo County Superior Court will be refunding bail, fines, and traffic school referral fees for any citations that have been paid or resolved through traffic school that meet the above criteria. In addition, the Court will be notifying the DMV to correct the driving records of all drivers adversely affected. As part of their mea culpa, the city of Daly City will also be offering a reimbursement of the traffic tuition for any drivers who incurred such cost for those citations. The Daly City Police Department has apologized for the inconvenience caused to drivers. If you have any questions, you can contact the Daly City Police Department at (650) 991-8119.

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